Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday! Hi!

my father remarried 10 years before I got married. so while I celebrated 20 years of marriage this year, he celebrated 30!! I am sure I have used these stamps multiple times, but they live in Hawaii and the stamps are penguins....how can I resist? I will admit that I was inspired to make this card by one Taylor VanBruggen made for Taylored Expressions to show off their new release. don't be surprised if you see these two penguins on one of my cards it the future....I just couldn't get them in time to make the anniversary card this year!

later in the same week, a dear friend had a birthday. I won't tell you how old she is turning but I will tell you that she sure doesn't seem that old! she can keep up with the best of them! I wanted to go crazy with the pennants and think this qualifies!

and.......even though I haven't posted the layout (and might never.....cards seem so much easier to post)....I completed a layout and made a card from some of the leftovers. this is that card! heck, I even used washii tape on this one. (nice shadow on these photos, huh?? one of my lights in my scraproom was broken....)

thanks for looking!


LauraVi said...

Beautiful funny card for your father, penguins are very nice!
I like all your cards with these happy colours!

scrapper al said...

The penguin card is adorable! Hope they liked it.