Wednesday, January 2, 2008

beginning ground rules....

I expect these to be modified to suit my own purposes throughout the year. there will be some inherent issues like the fact that I use brads in 3s but have to buy in 25s?!?! the same thing with chipboard alphabets. sure love those....and I even like to mix and match them so hopefully I can actually REALLY completely use some!!

anyway.......if I CUT into a full piece of cardstock, for the purposes of this accounting I will consider it used. if I use an ALREADY cut piece of cardstock I will not count it (having assumed I counted it when I originally cut into it, right?!?!)

brads and the like will be counted individually as used and bought as accurately as possible. if the freakin' package of buttons says "approximately 63 buttons" I am not going to count them to confirm the number.

ribbon will be counted each time used. I just don't know how to get around this. I considered trying to keep track of it like cardstock.......but how much time would I be wasting trying to figure out whether I had already cut it?!?!?

I haven't decided to count embellishments like a felt flower as felt or a flower. I don't want to be as detailed as knowing what kind of flower it was or what kind of felt it was. perhaps I will start by calling it a felt flower and see how things go?!?!?

stamps and inks will be counted each time used and once when purchased. so see.......I can buy 10 sets of stamps and it will be balanced out by using just 1 set 10 times! lol!! (seriously....that is not my intent but it isn't like I am going to keep tic marks on the bottom of each stamp and ink pad) paint and the like will be counted the same.

anyway......with that......I will update with individual layouts and then keep a running total. this should be VERY me.....probably no one else........and that is just fine!

cardstock: 5 pieces
patterned paper: 3 pieces
chipboard: 10 pieces
buttons: 13
rub-ons: 10
felt flowers: 12

and with that we are started.....I am going to just enjoy this moment......where I have used more than I have purchased! lol!!


Angie said...

I'm really impressed! Good luck!

Dianne said...

I'm liking your idea more and more!

Hatter J said...

Very cool idea. I am contemplating making a list of tools such as foam stamps and the d@mn fastenator that I had to have---and just check every time that I use one. I have a stinking mound of chipboard that needs to go away NOT looking at CHA release posts this year.

Anonymous said...

well I started my accountabilty thread in my room. I think this will be fun to see just how much stuff I can make go away...well kind of away. LOL Bonnie