Saturday, January 5, 2008

To The Top

.....but it brings up another issue. what about the cardstock I cut into but then change my mind? what about the stuff I try and end up throwing away because I messed it up? I honestly think I should count it. after all we need to give ourselves the opportunity to experiment and possibly fail, right?!?!? so for now that is what I am going to do!

cardstock: 2 pieces
patterned paper: 2 pieces
tags: 3 (messed one up! lol!)
ribbon: 1 piece
chipboard: 3 pieces
alpha stickers: 5

I also used 2 pens. 1 for journaling and another to outline those alpha stickers. guess I should count that I used those also?!?!?

running total:

cardstock: 7 pieces
patterned paper: 5 pieces
chipboard: 14 pieces
buttons: 13
rub-ons: 10
felt flowers: 12
ribbon: 2
QK shapes: 1
QK alpha: 1
glitter: 1
misc embellishment: 1
stamp: 1
ink: 1
tags: 3
alpha stickers: 5
pens: 2


Anonymous said...

I am counting the pieces of CS adn PP that I cut into but never used...honestly I have used so mand scraps in the past two days I bet it is more then what I cut into. That is what happens when you do theme albums. Somewhere along the way those cut pieces get used up. Bonnie

Hatter J said...

I say count the stuff that you mess up....but then again, you could save it because it might look good elsewhere....

or maybe not. yeah, just throw it out.