Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Community Art

(Just a note: I have decided that even if I complete and/or post multiple layouts in a day, I am going to post them in separate postings. This will make it easier for me to use the blog tags)

Another layout from the 2007 California State Fair. this one was an ongoing art project the boys helped start the first day of the Fair. they had intentions on returning multiple times but never did! lol!! I think the Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo paper and Blackboard accents were so perfect for this layout in both color and design!

Products used:

Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo paper, Blackboard, die cuts
Lil Davis chipboard alphabet (I sandpapered them, painted them black and then covered them with paper so they matched the patterned paper I was using)
QK font (again outlined in pen)

(additional side note: this makes a total of 13 pages for November. my goal was 30. and while I started some of these pages prior to November, I have spent several hours finishing them. this one took me over 2 hours to complete due to the chipboard title, etc)

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