Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spending Spree!!!

I still have layouts and cards to post from last week's crop, and a couple cards I've done since then. I haven't gotten the journaling done and photos taken. I'll get to them hopefully tomorrow. but in full disclosure, I needed to get some recent purchases down before I conveniently forgot about them! I debated excluding some of these as I used "birthday money" for them......but that's a slippery slope!

4 QK dies: bird, conversation bubbles, concession food (this is totally a spree purchase), dress up (another totally unneeded item)
1 QK embossing template (hey, it was only $1.50!)
2 packages QK holders (and I really need more if I am going to get my die collection under control)
1 set Thickers
2 sheets Bazzill
25 sheets Raven Bazzill (heavens this should be considered a necessity like adhesive!)
2 packages pop dots (not sure how to account for this......probably adhesive. it isn't like I keep track of glue dots or framing tape!)
3 punches: conversation bubbles (yes, you read that right), flower punch - in transit, tag punch

also, I had some concerns about how to accurately credit myself towards die & punch purchases. a friend suggested things like amortizing my uses. I think that is a fantastic idea! I don't plan on counting how many times I use NEW ones versus ones I already own, but I think a 10:1 ratio would be sufficient. 
  • so for this purpose, I will be considering die cut alphabets, shapes, punches, embossing templates. if I spell out a title, I won't count every single darn letter. I do that for the 3D alphabets but those are consumable and the dies really aren't!



OWH: 7
Brave Girl: 1

cardstock: 125 sheet package of 8 1/2 x 11 white for OWH cards (I'm not going to count this against my purchasing but also not count when I use it. I also bought 250 envelopes for the same purpose.)
cardstock: 27 sheets
1 set Thickers
4 dies
3 punches
1 embossing template
2 storage2 adhesive

cardstock: 2
patterned paper: 16
3D alphas: 41
buttons: 1
brads: 19
flowers: 8
ribbon: 6
alpha stickers: 33
stickers: 4
rub-ons: 1
die cut shapes: 5
punches: 6
misc embellishments: 3
ink: 6
pens: 5

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